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The Two Biggest Myths About Fireworks and Your Child’s Safety

Everyone loves fireworks on the Fourth of July.  But thanks to COVID-19 and the need to social distance, many municipalities have cancelled their annual shows.  You may be tempted to create your own backyard display or let your kids play with sparklers or firecrackers to celebrate the 4th.    But, before you light that fuse,…
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Top 5 Safety Tips for Pandemic Barbecues

The COVID 19 crisis cancelled many summer happenings like parades and public pool openings. But one time-honored tradition remains: the backyard barbecue. Aluminum Cans for Burned Children (ACBC), a 30-year-old organization devoted to fire prevention education for schoolchildren and support for childhood burn survivors, offers the following tips for safe grilling during the pandemic: Tip…
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ACBC Names New Executive Director

ACBC Names New Executive Director Aluminum Cans for Burned Children of Northeast Ohio (ACBC) names Helen Jones-Toms as its new executive director.  ACBC is a 30-year-old nonprofit organization founded by the Northeast Ohio firefighters, the North-Eastern Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association, and The MetroHealth System Burn Care Center. It provides fire prevention education to 3,000 Northeast…
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